Star Fleet UK DVD Unboxing Photos

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Star Fleet UK DVD Unboxing Photos

Postby Bradster » Mon Feb 16, 2009 12:34 am

Since there aren't many (any?) unboxing photos in the other threads here, I figured I'd start a new one rather than muddy the other threads about the new DVD release.I ordered my set from and it took about a week via Royal Mail to arrive here in NC, USA. The set came in a form-fitting cardboard sheath with short bumpers extending on the ends to protect it in transit. Given that they appear a bit crumpled, I'd say they did their job!Cutting past the cardboard revealed the disc box set wrapped in cellophane and donning a silver "FULLY RESTORED" sticker on the plastic.After carefully tearing off the plastic, I was able to access the four-part disc jewel in the display box.As soon as I started unfolding the disc jewel, the bonus content started pouring out and I had to quickly catch it and tuck it back into the folds.Loosely included in two pockets were an advertisement for the upcoming soundtrack CD and the "Collectors Booklet" (both on the left) and the two-sided poster and six postcards (on the right)Loosely sitting between discs 3 and 4 was the comic book.Finally, here are two snapshots of the entire kit unfolded. Please forgive the terrible glare!All together, it's all quite a wonderful package! My only two criticisms are rather minor. First, the poster was so sharply creased that the ink had already worn off on some of the seams. Second, the comic book's coloring is way too heavily saturated, so much that some of the content is hard to see. Other than that, the bonus printed material is all very impressive.The Collectors Booklet is especially nice. It's like a mini-encyclopedia of information about the episodes, people, and tech in the world of Star Fleet. A ton of information is packed into the 14 pages.

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Star Fleet UK DVD Unboxing Photos

Postby Serenity » Mon Feb 16, 2009 12:46 pm

Fabulous Films deserve a lot of credit with this release. I bought the Mysterious Cities of Gold box set that they released last year. That too is absolutely fantastic with about the same kind of extra material. Considering that we've seen releases of things like Ulysses and Dungeons and Dragons which are largely bare-bones releases, to see the likes of Star Fleet and MCOG released with this extent of TLC is probably more than most of us could have possibly hoped for in our wildest dreams.
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