anyone seen enter the ninja?

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anyone seen enter the ninja?

Postby Shane » Tue Dec 18, 2001 6:43 am

I might have seen it before, there were loads and loads of Ninja movies out in the 80's and they were quite popular with teenagers (like myself at the time) in particular. I remember seeing quite a few Ninja movies all with Ninja in the title, it could get quite silly with any old name inserted before or after the word Ninja. Cyborg Ninja, American Ninja, Ninja Force, etc. I do remember that Sho Kasugi stared in a lot of the better ones, was he in "Enter the Ninja" too? In my late teens I got more into Hong Kong cinema, Jackie Chan movies, and Chinese Ghost stories like "Zu Warriors".No need to tell you how #### fine Croutching Tiger hidden Dragon is?Shane.
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