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Hi, there - welcome!Star Fleet is unfortunately rather hard to find in the UK at the moment. Two compilation tapes on VHS were produced ages ago - The Thalian Space Wars, and Space Quest for F-01, but both are long out of print. Copies occasionally turn up at second-hand shops, car boot sales, or on e-bay.There was a US VHS release of the series, with some editing, and these also sometimes appear on e-bay. You'll need a NTSC capable video player.There is a Japanese DVD box set available. This is probably going to be quite difficult to get hold of, and being entirely in Japanese ( no subtitles ), is likely to be one of the less sensible buying decisions a fan can make... There have been a number of recent releases of "retro" childrens ( Ha! ) series lately; theres always a chance Star Fleet will appear at some point.
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