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Project History

Here's a little page where I've pulled together some nice things about the project.

Sprited The Skull; space sailing-ship.
Sprited: Alliance Tanker, Prototype astrofighters, and Scout ships; EDF Tanker, Shuttle.

From Facebook

Do you know the early signs you've actually created a great indie game?
Some people from the internet try to pirate or even scam your indie game with (of course) your outdated versions of your game and instead of directly link you to your official page, they create their own blogspots only to redirect to their paid shorten links. While the one that they do not aware is this is a totally free indie game.

Tag Messages

Brian (www.venturenine.com)
Great website you have here. I really like what you did with tagger. And your game is awesome. I love shootem ups like this!
I wish I knew how to make games like that. anyways, keep up the great work. love it.
According to the development section you're creating a secret level. How do you access this level when it comes out?
Crash Override
Uh, dunno - I'll figure it out when I come to it. I figure a hidden powerup later in the game
Can't wait to see the next release of X-Bomber! Keep up the awesome work! Been playing since XB1.
XB1 was a long time ago! I didn't know anyone had been following the game for so long.
Thank you very much for the encouragement. It really means a lot.
The engine for X-Bomber 0.8 is looking very good. The Mission 14 Boss design isn't finished yet.
I think I'll release what I have when I've tidied up a few loose ends, call it v0.8 and just say 'I.O.U one Boss'.


X-Bomber 0.84 - Games - Downloads - PC Advisor
Review of v0.84 at Download Crew
X-Bomber is a fast, fun 2D space shooter - betanews

  • "From the start of the game you get to see a very well made menu system which gets you in the mood. The next thing you notice are the AWESOME weapons and great effects. Switching between weapons is a breeze, and all of them look fantastic". "Sounds are perfect, from music to sound effects, this feels like you are in an arcade. Perfect" - Daily Click [ Review ]
  • "Laser Torpedoes rock, we need more More MORE!!!" - The Phantom Hack
  • "the game graphics look great". "Great retro feel to the whole thing"
  • "Brilliant layout, graphics are clean and sharp and most importantly the controls are very responsive" - Shane
  • "Thanks for the addiction" - (Email), "X-Bomber 2.0... Brilliant!" - Egglord,
I remember that X-Bomber 2.0 Alpha was first demonstrated to anyone at a 2004/5 New Years' party somewhere in Durham. Peoples' responses to it were really kind. Once we'd recovered the following morning, I remember one friend saying: "I can't remember much about last night - but that game of yours was fantastic!".

One thing that people have said about the game, that I like to remember is when a friend walked up to me very quickly and it was clear that they had something that they really wanted to say to me. It was: "X-Bomber 2.0... Brilliant!".

People also reacted really well to the new Dai-X system. I asked some friends over MSN to help playtest it. The responses ranged from: "That is SUPERB" to "Oh that's uber-cool"

Project Machines

Hunter - Lumia 950 black  (2016.04)
Juliet - Lenovo Flex 10  (2015.2)
Celeron N2840  4GB  320GB  Win 10
Rain - PC Specialist Vortex III / Clevo P150EM  (2013.4)
i7 3630QM  16GB  Radeon HD 7970M  1TB Momentus XT, 1TB Scorpio Blue  1080p matte 95% gamut
Crystal  (2012.4)
Phenom II X6 1045T  Crosshair V Formula  16GB Vengeance Blue  XFX Radeon HD 7870 DD Black  2TB F4, 2TB WD20EARX, 4TB Deskstar, 6TB WD60EZRX  Aerocool DS200 Black Window Edition  OCZ ZT 650W  Corsair H80i V2


Klan - Dell XPS m1730  (2011.3 - 2013.3)
X9000  8GB  2x 8800M GTX  2x WD 250GB 7200rpm  1200p TrueLife
Akina - Time Platina  (2004.4-2012.4)
64_3200+  K8N-E Deluxe  1GB  HiS HD4670  160GB Momentus 7200.2, 320GB T166, 1TB Barracuda 7200.12
Rangiku - Rock X770 / Clevo M570RU  (2007.8 - 2012.4)
T7700  2GB  GeForce Go 7950 GTX  500GB 7200.4 G-Force  1200p X-Glass
Katie - Time Ultima 800-7  (2000 - 2006)
Athlon 800  MS-6167  256 MB  RIVA TNT2 64  30GB  SB Live 1024

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