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Dan Dare was a TV series modernisation of the famous comic books. It was accurate to the original, featuring the same main characters, who were well-adapted and voice-acted.
The spacecraft included faithful modernisations from the comics; especially the Anastasia and Kingfisher, as well as new ships such as the Quasar. The show was produced by Netter Digital in 2001 and was packed with adventure, action and excellent visuals including a number of fantastic space battles. There were 13 double episodes, only six of which (bold) were released on DVD:
01. Pilot of the Future
02. The Ark of Phobos
03. God of War
04. Journey to the Centre of the Sun
05. Mines of Titan
06. The Outpost
07. Full Circle
08. The Mekon Among Us
09. Saturn Rocs
10. Menace of Mars
11. Space Race
12. Dead Space
13. Surrender Earth

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